returning momentarily to the subject of things women don't get nearly as pissed-off over as they should, let's talk about kenneth cole's fall advert campaign for a bit. now, don't get me wrong, i've always kinda liked kenneth cole's adverts. they're funny, ironic, catch your attention and hold it. and this newest spread i just saw in the ny times is definitely all that and more. unfortunately, it's the "more" that spurred me to inflict upon mr cole and his cohorts the wrath of cain.

so what got me this time? let's just say it was a bit more irony than i think the public is suited to handle. either that, or mr cole's band of merry ad execs is slipping big-time in the intelligence department. LOOK...

fishy...verrrry fishy...

hmmm...something here just doesn't seem kosher. can you figure out what it is?'s what i had to say :

RE : new advertising spread
another great message from the mind of kenneth cole.
that's exactly what i was thinking as i looked over the insert in the 9 september sunday new york times great message AND great delivery. nothing has quite the impact of cutting irony, and i quite honestly can not think of anything more ironic than a picture of two emacieated, concentration-camp-type young ladies, one holding a shopping bag emblazoned with a commentary bemoaning the widespread practise of dieting in the united states.
well done!
i do, however, have one concern regardng this advert. i see the intricate ironic humour in it, but exactly how many members of the general public do you thihk will? i fear that to your average reader, just perusing the paper, it will simply appear that you are whining quite mindlessly about a phenomenon you may not have single-handedly created, but have likewise done nothing to remedy. i mean, really, has anyone ever seen a kenneth cole advert featuring even a NORMAL, let alone a full-figured model? i know I sure haven't. perhaps the winter spread will include some binge/purge shots then? after all, if you're going to condemn dieting, the least you could do is offer an alternative.

cain the magnificent

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