unlike our friend cj, jeanne walsh(who refuses to remain anonymous) does not mind admitting how much she hates the bronx. in fact, she INVITED me to publish the letter she sent on this here site. i would've been happy to, only it happened to be about 4 pages long and most of it totally did not make sense. i think this, however, fairly well sums it up :

"...and people do get shot in The Bronx all the time!!You don't even need to visit The Bronx to know that. And I did and I have seen the neighborhood you live in. Your right it's not as bad as other place in The Bronx but it is still a depressed area and I still would'nt live there myself.The people are all just awful and they have no class but that is where somebody like you belongs."

unfortunately she forgot to include HER definition of a "depressed area". judging from where SHE lives, the only thing it COULD mean is anyplace with fewer than 4 burger kings per square block and less than half of whose population is made up of agent-orange ridden vietnam vets (nothing against the veterans, mind ye, just making a point) and sad 50-year-olds who still live with their mothers, resemble woody allen, and wear pastel cardigans.
however, i am devestated to hear she thinks i'm lacking in class. that has got to be the most cutting insult i've ever received from a woman who once flashed her pubes at her grandmother to make a point. i would go commit hari-kari right now, in fact, if i didn't have one more issue to address...

"...I did pay my own rent for years and I have also paid other people's rents. You do not know what your taling about and in that case you should not be talking at all.I have had problems that I hope you never have to have and it's easy for you to judge when you don't know people's stiuations. When I was your age Ididn't need anybody's help either so maybe one day you will know what I mean.You think you know it all and you should see how little you know. I know alot more than you."

i am not going to try to prove the lady's never paid for anything in her entire life. there are people far older and wiser than me who can do that. i suppose i SHOULD point out though that when she was MY age, she was pregnant with her 2nd kid out of wedlock, wasn't working, and was being supported by her parents. that doesn't sound to ME like someone who never had to ask for anyone's help. she's right on one account, though...i don't know very much. but i DO intend to continue talking, as this is the internet, not communist cuba and i DON'T get easily put-off, especially not by semi-illiterate white trash with delusions of grandeur. so much for your words of wisdom, jeanie. they should bar you from the public library's computers.

i don't even need to tell you i'm not amending the rant.