seanchai sure said it best...

my last rant on bronx-bashing was NOT, even if it appeared to be, targeting one person. this one however, IS. iíve already let you in on how much uneducated slagging on the bronx irritates me, as well as how much stupid fucking people who donít seem to give a toss who knows how fucking stupid they are irritate me. and yippee-ki-yay!...this here addition to my bronx rant has a bit of both. i call it a codicil cos itís not quite a rant in itself...not long enough...but it needs to be said anyway. so here goes...

i am not going to mention any names, so donít ask, but i was talking to SOMEONE the other day about my flat, which is, by the way, a great place...3 of us in it normally and 6 OF US in it now...long story...but at any rate thereís more than enough room, which is what i was telling HER about. she asked me how much iím paying and i told her. i also expressed with the price my opinion that weíre making out like bandits. she apparently disagreed, and ejected THIS at me... "i wouldnít pay that much to live in THE BRONX". "right", i replied. "as if you could find ANYPLACE else for that little". i realised shortly after i said that she really wouldnít know, as i donít think sheís ever had to pay her own rent. expressed interest in getting her own place, sure...many times...but never even went so far as to go out and look. (and fyi, this is no little girl weíre talking about either...not by a long shot) now, as if this wasnít enough, she then threw out THIS gem...and yes, i remember it word-for-word, as i have a great memory, especially for things this fucking bizarre..."i might pay that much to live someplace NICE like QUEENS, but not someplace iíd be afraid iíd get shot."
someplace NICE? LIKE QUEENS??? (donít yell at me, iím not BASHING queens, just you say...REALISTIC??) okay. queens is a big place. loads of neighbourhoods, both good and bad, not unlike...THE BRONX! thatís right, cos if you know your way around both boros like i do, you know you have yer flushing for morris park, bayside for edgewater, woodside and sunnyside for woodlawn, and a coupla unsavoury places thrown in for good measure. no, queens is not a bad place, but i laugh in the face of anyone who says itís overall better than the bronx.
then of course we have to get back to the subject of getting shot. YES people get shot in the bronx. but newsflash, sunshine, they get shot in queens as well...and in brooklyn, and manhattan and even (gasp!) staten island. but we RESEARCH neighbourhoods before we move into them, and we try NOT to move into places where weíre more likely than not going to get blown to hell. i will admit i am a cheap bastard, but give me a bit of credit PLEASE! do you really think i am going to live someplace DANGEROUS just to save a coupla bucks? i think not. dead presidents arenít worth shit when youíre dead yourself.

this bitch making the generalisations, despite being a native new yorker, has never set foot in my neck of the woods. sheís been in the bronx, but not in MY neighbourhood, and sheís never been into my building, let alone my apartment. she should only hear how bloody thick she sounds going on about how she "knows" what a "depressed area" woodlawn is, and how there are just soooo many murders here. i really would like to know where she got her information from. iím guessing the new york press.