if there was ever something to rant about...

i considered for awhile writing a formal rant about the tragic events of the 11th, but opted not to. i honestly wouldn't know where to start and i fear if i DID start, i'd not be able to stop. these last few days have been sheer hell, the likes of which none of us have experienced before, and therefore far beyond my realm of ranting ability. i deal in subjects that can be made light of, which up till now i thought was fairly well everything. ha. everything BUT this.
sure, i have my opinions, the strongest of which are contained in the blog if you're really interested in reading them. it's being updated daily, but it isn't comprehensive. i have neither the time nor the wearwithal to write something comprehensive, so this is all there's going to be.

if you'd like to help in the the victims of the tragedy or get information, here are a few links to aid you in your endeavours

the american red cross
the salvation army
new york police fund
new york firefighters fund
interactive relief and rescue map
new york blood centre
"i'm okay" registry
firefighter/rescue worker casualty list
pentagon missing list (partial)
nyc emergency information
federal emergency management agency
supplies needed list
in loving memory of 9/11
world trade centre/pentagon memorial and information site
light a candle for peace
internet sympathy card