i'm really not a heartless guy. i appreciate good, clean, NICE graphics as much as the next NORMAL person, and believe it or not, my taste in the aforementioned actually tends more toward the sentimental and heart-wrenching than the just plain sweet. nothing quite beats a simple, touching graphic...except of course if it's one that's touching to the point of where you're THIS CLOSE to ralphing on your computer...in a GOOD way. in case you're not bright enough to realise those bits of white underlined text are links to examples, i've just told you, so go take a look at 'em now and tell me what you notice. if you say they're morbid, i'll shoot you. if you say they're simple, commemorative and/or meaningful, then, well, i've made my point.

as you can probably tell from the layout of this site, i am a minimalist. to me, less is more. and graphics MUST have a purpose. choosing one or two images wisely has a whole helluva lot more of an impact on your visitors than flooding your site with stupid pictures like...well...i don't really want to show you this, it's THAT godawful...but it IS here to make a point....so...THIS. (please don't sue me)
now, don't ask me on which site that originated, or who it originated with, cos if you know me at all you know perfectly well if i knew, someone out there would be eating through a tube right now. whoever is responsible for that horrendous waste of pixels deserves to be placed in te queue right behind osama bin laden for a good dose of paper cut torture. it's fucking hideous, that. but WHY would anyone want to place that NAAAASHTY picture on their homepage, you ask? i honestly do not know. maybe they're diabetic and are hell-bent on taking everyone else down with them in one diabolical blast of pure sugar. or maybe they're just a bit soft in the head. whatever their excuse, though, i'd sooner put THIS on my index page.

hey, i'm not trying to say cute can't have a purpose, or even, in the right context, be touching enough to make you ralph in the good way. but really, people, don't you think it's high time we put an end to all this EXCESSIVE cuteness that's taking our god-given right to be sickening a bit TOO far?