for whatever reason, some people just don't think i express my opinions enough. they want to know MORE...above and beyond what i impose on them through this damn fool site. while i'll never claim to mind being encouraged to expound on things, i do mind greatly being sent the same fuckin' questions over and over again. so here's my solution...ANOTHER faq list of sorts, addressing most of the usual questions, as well as a few i'm expecting to have thrown at me any day now. folks will no doubt think up more shit to grill me on, but this should take care of the majority of ye...

[ where i stand on... ]

the enviornment
as long as i can live in it, i don't really give a flying philadelphia fuck. if it's going to be a problem for my great-great-grandchildren, let's leave THEM to worry about it, okay? these enviornmentalists do nothing with all their demonstrations but make a fucking joke of themselves. the earth is disintegrating as we speak and there ain't nothin' you tree-hugging freaks can do about it. so sod off, eh?

i do not eat red meat, but that's probably just cos i don't like it. i used to eat it on fridays as a kid tho, just to piss off the authorities.

i had a bad experience with fur as a kid (let's not get into that right now, eh?) so i've been against it since long before it became politically incorrect. the only mammals i condone killing for fur or any other reason are rabbits, cos i fuckin' hate rabbits.

the ira
tiocfaidh ár lá. does that answer your question?

look around you, for fucksake. if god does exist, he obviously doesn't give a rat's ass. therefore, neither do i.

osama bin laden
while i will readily agree with those who say arabs shouldn't be pigeonholed as terrorists, i must laugh in the face of anyone who claims osama bin laden is a holy innocent. the man is giving a whole race of people a bad name and really ought to be done away with, preferably by way of paper-cut torture. sure we don't know FOR A FACT he was responsible for 9-11, but he was pretty quick to take the credit for it, wasn't he? that merits a good coupla hours in the torture chamber if anything does.

just like any other method of murder, abortion is wrong in ALL cases. bitch if you will, but i have my reasons, NONE of which are religious, and i can NOT be swayed. just try it, i dare ya. the abortion discussion is actually the one form of email debate i not only tolerate but welcome. you can go ahead and try to convert me, but you better believe i'll convert you first. god knows i've done it before.

i know how to shoot one...firing ranges can be fun. but should individuals be allowed to roam the streets with 'em? absolutely not. people do indeed kill people, but they wouldn't do it nearly as well or as often without guns.

legalise 'em. all of 'em. there are only a few i've used or would use myself, but it really ought to be up to the individual to decide whether or not he wants to become a crack fiend. it really ain't any of the government's business. and additionally, imagine all the lives that could be saved if we were to eradicate street dealers, bad batches, and dirty needles.

should be compulsory for ALL irish students. god, if they learn NOTHING else...FUCK the parents in dublin. you want monolingual kids? move to great britain.

i'm a theoretical anarchist and a registered member of sinn féin. since they won't let me vote in the usa i try to keep as much of a distance from american politics as my mind will allow...which is unfortunately not much of a distance.

george w bush
he's a stupid eejit. that, by the way was not an opinion. it was a proven fact.

the euro
the first major step in the creation of the united states of europe. i don't like it, but then again, there's also not very much i can do about it. well, except hoard irish punts...those things are gonna be worth a fortune one of these days.

education, it has been said, is the process by which a set of prejudices are forced down one's throat. even in its purest form, it's fairly overrated, but lately as everything's being so dumbed-down, university degrees have become virtually useless. and in the usa...holy shit, man! anyone and everyone with the money to pay tuition can...and DOES...get a degree in this bloody country. i swear to god the place is populated nearly in half by masters-degree-holding illiterates.

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