poorer than ME?

remember the little boxes they used to give you in school? the ones you were supposed to put loose change into in order to help those ever-so-politically-incorrectly-titled 'black babies'? well, i do. i remember seeing those pictures they showed us of the babies, nekkid as jaybirds and bloated with hunger, and being so affected by those pictures that i'd take nearly every penny i had and shove it into the little cardboard bank and cheerfully hand it over to the nuns. poverty has always upset me a bit, especially when there's kids involved. but a lot of people just can't seem to see it that way.

i haven't heard from those black babies in ages, but last sunday i decided i'd go to church. halfway through the mass, a missionary came out and started talking about...you got it, the black babies...now correctly identified as haitian orphans, most hospitalised, a good deal of them blind, and all incomprehensibly poor.his whole sermon was leading up to the second collection of that day, which would go to help these kids. as before, i gave as much as i could, and later, as i was leaving, i heard this guy talking to his wife or his girlfriend or somebody about how much he despised the haitians and why. god knows i am not easily shocked, but i was about to be...

apparently this bloke was on a cruise ship a few years ago that made a stop in haiti and the natives weren't all too thrilled at the idea of a troop of fat, rich yanks marching through their streets taking pictures of them.they said some things to this yuppie jerk and his friends that weren't very nice, and now he's got this bloody grudge against them. he also said in the process of his rant that they were only poor cos they're lzy. i was tempted to say something to HIM at this point, but opted not to as i was sure if i got close enough to him, i'd trounce his fucking overfed ass, and beating someone like that on the front steps of a church had to be the worst kind of mortal sin. WHY the hell do the haitians have to put up with being a tourist atraction? WHY do they have to stand outside their hovels, practically starving to death while well-to-do americans and europeans with $800 cameras strapped around their necks gawk at them in disgust? isn't there SOME grounds for their being bitter against these primadonnas who'll no doubt be eating baked alaska in the grand dining hall of a cruise ship tonigh while they themselves might not be eating at all?

this fool was making his comments from the point of view of someone with enough money to buy his kids cadbury every night and a playstation for christmas. i'm sure he'd be humming a different tune if he didn't have enough to guarantee they'd MAKE IT till christmas. i'm not saying i'm a saint, god no...but i guess my way of thinking came from the way i was raised. we had more than enough, but my parents trained the whole lot of us to be aware of how much we DID have, especially compared with people who have NOTHING. it's not a guilt thing, it's a REALITY thing. and i thank them for it to this day. i just don't think i could stomach myself if i was as much of a self-centred ignorant bastard as st barnabas cruise boy. i can't even imagine what this jackass was thinking when he made these asinine comments loud enough for the whole bloody street to hear him. apparently not only is he selfish, but he's also narrow minded enough to think that everyone else is gonna agree with his twisted views. sadly, though, a lot of 'em DO. THIS i suppose is what comes from living your whole life in a society where "POOR" denotes people on the dole, and when you think of people on the dole, you think of drug dealers in gold chains, tommy jeans, and $60.000 lexuses. don't get me wrong, my whole life isn't spent making social commentaries. that's just a small part of it :P but you'd really have to be blind not to see that most folks nowadays wouldn't know true poverty if it snook up and bit them on the arse, and that's pretty pathetic when you consider that if they looked just a bit more closely, new yorkers wouldn't have to go too far at all to find really, really POOR people. but i guess they'd rather not think about that.

bet the haitian orphans wish they had that option.