i am not going to say these publications don't suck, cos most of them more often than not do. but hey, you gotta get yer information from someplace, and they're ALL still better than tv

[ newspapers i can actually be bothered reading ]

the new york times
psuedointellectual shite on a roll. it's funny. and sometimes there's even news in it.

the irish times
as the name would suggest, the irish version of the above.

literal latte
a skinny little literary paper with good taste (they've published me) you can choose to either get for free at your favourite coffee house, or subscribe to for a fairly astronomical price. sure is a difficult decision there, eh?

brooklyn rail
a good, free literary paper that features some of the most outstanding essays i've ever read. i only discovered it a few months ago and have been reading the archives on this site ever since.

the norwood news
i don't live in norwood, but i know people that do, so this paper occasionally ends up in my house. it's free, and it's pretty good as far as bronx papers go.

the onion
a wicked satirical weekly. this one has yet to suck.

the new york press
this paper : a) is free b) is a whole hell of a lot less pretentious/better written than the village voice c) leaves black shit all over your hands when you're done with it. oh well, you get what you pay for.

an phoblacht
irish-republican newspaper that is nearly impossible to find in nyc.

the kerryman
the official newspaper of my home county, for, by, and about thick-headed, sheep-shagging, footy-obsessed...well...KERRYMEN.

[ magazines i can actually be bothered reading ]

ny hangover
east-village-based literary magazine.

shout ny
a free mag that basically just tells you what's on in te city for the month. very useful if you're living in new york, fairly pointless if you're living anyplace else.

time out ny
pretty much the same as the above, but you have to pay for it. (london and boston versions also available)

my fiancee's favourite mag. good listings for new york nightlife and such, but it tends to go a bit overboard in the celebrity department. kinda a cross between time out and access hollywood...not BAD, but hardly worth the $4 they're asking for it.

the new yorker
if you're HERE, you should like at least SOME of what this magazine publishes...

yellow rat bastard
most assuredly NOT worth what they ask for it, though you can often get it for free from the shop of the same name in soho. pretentiousness gen-y style.

the classics are always the best. if you don't know what mad is, you should be taken out and beaten like a dusty rug.

the irish emigrant
the BEST source of news from home for irish expats. like literal latte, these people present you with a choice...get it for free from your local, pay a buck for it in the grocery, or subscribe and turn over your entire annual salary to the emigrant. if you're not a teetotaler, the answer should be obvious...

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