are you listening, bill gates?

net geeks. they're everywhere. but i still can't make heads nor tails of 'em...

why the hell is it that the moment you start a web site, some ass hole you don't know from adam will get the address and start slagging you via guest book or email? and why is it that 99 times out of 100, the little weasel doesn't even have a page of their own to shove in your face? correct me if i'm wrong (and i know you will...heh, heh, heh) but doesn't doing something like that just drop the big ol' red mark of the loser right smack in the middle of your forehead???? as martial once said - "you complain of the length of my epigrams, but you yourself write none. yours are shorter." in other words, if you think you can do it better, DO IT!!! don't tell me about it. cos i don't want to hear it. the same vein, there's the subject of guest books. guest books are a semi-necessary semi-accessory that've of late turned into nothing more than 2 things...1 - an ego gallery for the pissant web master (and ya just gotta love the li'l javascript thingys some of 'em have popping up all over the place..."WELCOME TO MY WEB SITE. PLEASE SIGN THE GUEST BOOK" "DID YOU REMEMBER TO SIGN THE GUEST BOOK?" "YOU BETTER SIGN THE GUEST BOOK" "IF YOU DON'T SIGN THE GUEST BOOK NOW, I WILL BE FORCED TO TRANSMIT A DEADLY VIRUS TO YOUR COMPUTER THAT'LL KILL IT, YOU, AND YOUR GRANMOTHER") and 2 - a seemingly anonymous alternative to email-flaming for them aforementioned sad bastards that spend their empty days dissing sites belonging to people they wouldn't know if they bit them on the arse. guestbooks are ESPECIALLY good for the latter purpose, as not only can you insult people without their knowing who you are (or so you think...more on that later...heh, heh, heh), you can also kill two birds with one stone by doing it under someone else's name - preferably that of the web master's best friend/girl friend/mother/dead grandfather. IN-GEE-NI-OUS!!! right? sure. till you realise too late that....

...MOST GUEST BOOKS RECORD IP ADDRESSES! (i realise i get waaaay too much joy from telling you this...but i never said i WASN'T a loser. i just said that you WERE. heh, heh, heh) IP addresses are traceable. therefore, provided the web master knows what the fuck he's doing, he can find out ALL ABOUT YOU! hell, if he's nuts enough, he could probably even send you one of those killer viruses usually reserved for those that DIDN'T sign his guest book. short guestbooks should be outlawed. but till they are, i think i'll keep mine. i like to hear what the minions have to say.

just a note, i'm not done here. i have waaaay more to say, particularly about chat rooms. that bit should be here shortly. till then, i'd advise you to get the hell out of here and SIGN MY FUCKIN' GUESTBOOK! ;)