besides "a/s/l?", contained in an unprovoked im pop-up box, this has to be THE singular most irritating question on the face of the earth. in my mind, anyone who can answer this in the desired one or two words MUST be dead from the neck up and/or living under a rock in the desert someplace.

so now i give you a by-no-means-comprehensive semi-canonical list of musicians/songwriters/artists that DO NOT SUCK.

why did i make this list, you ask? well, i did it for several reasons, mainly to show you all...a)i do NOT, in fact, hate EVERYTHING. b)what i do when i am really, really, really bored out of my skull. c)the rumours circulation about my having multiple personalities are all 100% true and they ALL had a hand in compiling this list. so...without further ado, here, in alphabetical order (yes siree bob, i was VERY bored) are some of the contributors to the ever-growing soundtrack of my life.

afro-celt sound system
woody allen (no, this isn't a mistake. the man HAS a band.)
louis armstrong
artful dodger
barenaked ladies
buju banton
the beastie boys
the beatles
the beatnuts
lou bega
chuck berry
the big bopper
big bad voodoo daddy
black '47
blink 182
gary us bonds
bouncing souls
buckwheat zydeco
cab calloway
cherry poppin' daddies
clancy brothers
the clash
eddie cochran
george m cohan
john coltraine
aaron copland
elvis costello
counting crows
bing crosby (this guy's better than ritalin)
da brat
the dandy warhols
dead kennedys
the delegates
chaka demus & pliers
the diamonds
dion dimucci
dropkick murphys
the ducky boys
bob dylan
the edsels
flogging molly
fun lovin criminals
gael force
bob geldof
george gershwin
benny goodman
david gray
macy gray
green day
bill haley
lauryn hill
the house band
joey balls & carmanooch (how YOU doin'?)
wyclef jean
jimmie's chicken shack
tom jones
janis joplin
scott joplin
john lennon
lil kim
stephen lynch
kirsty mac coll
shane mac gowan
mamas and the papas (if only for mama cass's incredible voice)
manic street preachers
bob marley
dean martin
susan mckeown
mighty mighty bosstones
lou monte
christy moore
nashville pussy
neidín (perhaps this IS just here out of obligation. so?)
no doubt
the offspring
papa roach
edith piaf
the pogues
louis prima
primal scream
the prodigals
sun ra
the ramones (all the years of force-feeding me the ramones paid off, triona. congrats ;)
shabba ranks
the real mckenzies
reel big fish
rogues march
the sabrejets
save ferris
saw doctors
brian setzer
paul simon
frank sinatra
smash mouth
soul coughing
squirrel nut zippers
stray cats
sum 41
tenacious d
they might be giants
the undertones
white town
the whole shabang
wolfe tones
yallopin' hounds

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