The Morning After The Night Before


A Persian kitty, all perfumed and fair, strolled out of the kitchen door for air

When a Tom cat, dinty and lean and strong, of tortoiseshell hues came along.

He sniffed for  awhile at the Persian cat, as she strutted about with much eclat

And thinking a little time to pass, he whispered, "Kiddo, you're sure some class".

"That's fitting and proper" was her reply, as she arched a whisker over her eye.

"I sleep each night on a pillow of silk and they bathe me daily in certified milk"

"Cheer up", said the Tom cat with a smile, "And trust your new-found friend for awhile.

"You need to escape through the back-yard fence. What you need my dear is EXPERIENCE."

New joys of living he then unfurled as he told her tales of the outside world.

And then with a most alluring laugh, he suggested a trip down the primrose path.


The morning after the night before, the Persian returned at the hour of four

The innocent look in her eyes had went, but the smile on her face was one of content.

And later on, when the kittens came, to the Persian cat of pedigreed fame,

They were not Persian, but Black and Tan...she told them their Dad was a travelling man.


-Martin Geraghty, 1936