okay. so maybe i'm not really an IMPORTANT person with IMPORTANT places to go and IMPORTANT people to see. but god knows i've more IMPORTANT things to do than sit about waiting for other people. oh, you've all been there, even if you (like me) were too polite to say anything about it at the time. and usually it's the same bloody people that are the perpetrators over and over again. you set a date to meet someone. you set a time. you consult with them to make sure it's convenient for both/all of you. you assume they'll be there. never ASSUME. it makes an ASS of U and ME. i have been left to wait for people 15, 20, 30...even 45 minutes, only to give up and start heading back just in time to see them hauling their sorry ass in my direction. heh. i'm avery understanding guy. i can understand emergencies...but what the HELL does it take to phone and say you'll be late?...or even to apologise once you finally DO arrive?...or at LEAST try not to ever do it again??? it's GODDAMN frustrating, that.

there are just some people out there who think they're the centre of the universe. "so what if i show up late? what'll he mind?" "his life is concerned only with me, just like everyone else's, he hasn't anything better to do." i'm sure you could add a genre or narrow these down a bit, but for my OWN self-centred purposes, i've divided these selfish pains-in-the-gluteus-maximus into three categories:

mr or ms agreeable (the uber-manipulator)
YOU : so when should we meet?
THEM : whatever time's good for you.
YOU : but i'm asking YOU.
THEM : whenever's good for you.
YOU : how's 7.30 tomorrow night sound?
THEM : if that's okay with you.
(9.15 tomorrow night)
YOU : where the hell were you? i was just about to organise a searching party!
THEM : what do you mean? it's 9.15.
YOU : i KNOW. i've been waiting two hours.
THEM : (playing dumb) two hours? whatever for?
YOU : YOU, amadán! we AGREED on 7.30...and it was OKAY WITH ME!
THEM : i never said...
YOU : you did so...
THEM : listen, i SAID 9.15. i asked if it was okay with you and you said YES...i don't have to put up with this. i'm leaving.

the VIP (the entire world revolves around them and they won't let you forget it)
YOU : how's 3 sharp on tuesday sound?
THEM : hold on, let me consult my schedule....okeydokey!
YOU : okay, then...3pm tuesday it is...see ya then!
(4.30 tuesday)
YOU : what happened?
THEM : oh ,it's a long story. my meeting ran over/agent called and chewed my ear off/merceded broke down. you don't mind though, right? i mean, youdidn't have any other plans.
YOU : (through gritted teeth) you got it chief. i'm your minion.
THEM : i know. now get me some coffee.

just don't give a fuck (apathy on a stick)
YOU : so we'll meet up at 5pm tomorow?
THEM : whatever.
YOU : you sure that's okay with you?
THEM : whatever.
(6.30 tomorrow)
YOU : what happened?
THEM : huh?
YOU : you're an hour and a half late.
THEM : yeah. so?
YOU : so what happened?
THEM : forget it.

just thinking about these people makes my body temp rise 10 degrees. i will leave you here...i gotta go think up some responses to these bastards. next time, i'll be ready for 'em.