every site has it's "frequently asked questions" list. this is mine. but to keep it short, i'm only giving you the answers. cos as you well know, i HAVE all the answers. ;)

* no, i do NOT use capital letters...well, except for EMPHASIS. i never HAVE and i never WILL. that's just my writing style. it worked for e.e. cummings and goddamn if it can't work for me too. besides, it saves me a lot of time. so shut up about it already.

* although i've been in the states over two years now, i do not use american spellings. god knows i'm not a fan of the english, but this IS their language and we just oughtta cut the crap already and stick to their spellings. american is a seperate language, in my opinion, one that confuses the hell out of me and therefore one i will not even attempt. i AM irish, and i DO speak irish, but as you likely DON'T, i'll just stick to english. REAL english. so please don't be telling me i've made spelling errors.

* though these rants are all basically serious in nature, everything on this site is written with a sense of humour and is meant to be read with one. if you don't have a sense of humour, or if you DO and it's just pathetically underdeveloped, please get the hell outta here now cos i've no patience for your kind. nobody's ever taken me seriously before, and i really don't think now's the time for y'all to start.

* all of the rants on this site express opinions. meaning, i write what i think. it's not right or wrong, it's just what i think. while you are always welcome to INTELLIGENTLY disagree, i'd really prefer if you didn't start whining at me cos something on here OFFENDS you. i'm assuming we're all adults here, or at least reasonable facsimiles thereof. let's act like it, shall we?

* in the same vein, i make no attempt to be politically correct. i think conscious political correctness is a lot of b.s. and it does absolutely nothing for you save hampering your first amendment rights. so i warn you now, if you're a pseudo-liberal or just a big frickin' prude, you can get the hell outta here now along with the rod-up-yer-ass set, cos i've no patience for YOUR kind, either.

errmm...that's about it for now. any other grievances can be addressed to me and i'll do my damnedest to work 'em out for you. if they're really STUPID grievances, though, i'll likely just ignore you, or if i'm in a really bad mood, send one of my guys out to knock you off. caution : my bad moods are frequent and violent, so don't say you weren't warned.