this is a letter i wrote to regarding some rather politically incorrect comments they made on their site regarding the irish. they make a point on said site of not only reading and responding to mail they receive, but responding to it in a most cutting, sarcastic, and witty manner, and posting all of it for the world to see. oddly enough, they never responded to this one. pussies...

RE: irish

to the prodigiously anonymous webmaster(s) of :

okay. this is as much a complaint about the idiot visitors to as it is about the idiot webmaster(s).
someone (anonymously, of course), sent me a link to one of the photos on your site expecting me, i think, to be offended. what i saw upon clicking it was a picture of what had to be one of the butt-ugliest daughters of erin i've ever laid eyes upon, along with a load of archaic generalisations about ireland and the irish as a whole that any of us who weren't born yesterday has heard at least 500 times before. this wasn't offensive, it was just a lot of rubbish written by a typical backwoods yank who no doubt only hates the lot of us cos neither "bridget" nor "siobhan" would give him a ride no matter HOW drunk he got them.


saints and scholars we all know the irish are, they (well at least the ones who wrote ye, all insulted and scandalised) really ought to recognise an amadan when they see one and stop making crybabies of themselves.

right...but i do have a question for the webmaster of this great site...almost totally unrelated to the irish issue. you place yourself in a position of great authority over what's attractive and what ain't. while i'm not going to deny that the majority of the people you profiled are tragically plain to say the least, i can't help but wonder what YOU look like that makes YOU so much better. something tells me you're just some inbred american from a trailer park with all the trimmings including the third eye. and if you say you aren't, that won't suffice, not even if you say it in the clever and witty manner in which you seem to say everything else. this is something i'm gonna have to see for myself.

thank you in advance for your response, and of course for your lovely headshot. :)

cain the magnificent