some of ye look like you could use some help in this area. allow me to be of service...


*state your purpose. it's nice to know you're writing cos you read the site, not just cos you were ossified with boredom one evening and picked my addy at random from whowhere.

*state your opinions. this lets me know you're a thinking person and reading your email won't likely kill off too many of my remaining brain cells.

*be civil. i do not take kindly to people who address me as "motherfucker" in the street, so what the hell would make you think i would online?

*rant. about anything. so long as you're semi-intelligent (and if you're wondering who decides what's intelligent, that'd be me), the more the better.


*send me your manifesto. i have adhd and have a very hard time reading long, boring, epic works that are not my own.

*ask me to post stuff (manifestos or otherwise) on this site. we got a guestbook, a messageboard, and a slambook, and soon there shall also be polls, but the site itself is NOT interactive. sorry.

*ask me to sleep with you and/or convince me i'd enjoy being kept as your slave (sex or otherwise). but i think i already made that perfectly clear.

*threaten my life. there are laws against that sort of thing, y'know.

*tell me how to run my site. SUGGESTIONS, while likely pointless, are acceptable. COMMANDS are not. it's all in the wording, my friends. i realise you think you know the very best way to express oneself in html. but that's what YOUR site's for. leave ME the fuck alone.

*add me to your forwards list or any other mailing list for that matter. do, and so help me god, i'll hunt you down and kill you mafia-style.

any other questions? feel free to contact me with them. ;)