i suppose it's my duty to tell you cj sullivan did not mean to disrespect woodlawn. in fact, according to him, he LOVES woodlawn. he just didn't realise as he was writing the article in question that it was part of the war-torn 47th precinct. he said so in his letter :

"...you should really know what you're ranting about though, there featherhead, because the article you were referring to was on the 47 PCT not Woodlawn. I know Woodlawn real well and as yet have not done article about although soon I will."

what the hell? i'll believe him. but as the sentiment expressed applies to many, many more individuals than just his ill-informed self, the rant stays. sorry.

however, i WILL admit calling mr sullivan a pompous fuckwit was fairly dumb of me. a far more appropriate term would have been "clueless eejit". i do hope he accepts my apology.