ali g quotes

"why do they call it the welfare state? is it cos it is well fair?"

"unemployment benefit is wicked no, cos you get money for doing nothing, just chillin. me want to work when me want to work. most of the time me want to just chill or whatever, or just hang with me beeatches."

"alright. me has heard both sides of the argument. me don't understand either of them. but me is well up for a ruck anyway..."

"is salt the smallest thing known to man?"

(with sue ramsey of sinn féin)
ALI : what is the vibe with drugs in ireland? it might be stereotyping or whatever man but i is heard that the irish is always up for the crack.
SUE : no, no. CRAIC in ireland means having a good time. ALI : a'ight, for real but crack is a bad drug...there is a high but also a low.