excuse me?
well that covers all the bases, now don't it?

if you're starting to feel a bit of animosity towards me right about now, i want you to ask yourself WHY. i mean, if i'd just put the big fat generalisation "MURDER SUCKS" up there, all (but a few homocidal maniacs) of you would agree wholeheartedly. but when i get specific, you get pissed off. and why's that, huh? i want you to think about that. there'll be a quiz later.

let me just start by saying my view on abortion has absolutely nothing to do with my religious convictions, as i really haven't got any. YES, i was baptised catholic, but despite popular opinion, that bit of holy water they stick on your head when you're christened doesn't soak in and plant all kinds of evil, biased, hateful thoughts up there. sure, the catholics tried their damnedest to brainwash me, but i like to think they haven't succeeded all too well...and if you heard my stance on homosexuality, premarital sex, test-tube babies, divorce, original sin, and fish on friday, you'd likely be inclined to agree. so what about abortion? why do i agree with them on that? well, perhaps cos they're RIGHT. (hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day) it's murder, plain and simple...and murder for the very worst reason...CONVENIENCE. sure women who've had abortions don't want to think of it that way, but realistically, there's no other way TO think about it. when you abort a baby, you're klling another person cos they've gotten in the way of your life of leisure. they've stepped onto your turf when you weren't ready for them. it's sort of like shooting the postman because he had the audacity to call while you were watching tv. it's convenient alright, but still totally unacceptable.

let's talk about what i DON'T agree with the church over, shall we? i don't agree with the church on the contraception issue. by banning contraception, they ARE taking away a woman's right to choose. but once protected sex becomes an option, there are no more excuses. choice over what happens to your body...there it is. you choose to have sex. you choose to buy the contraceptives and use them. you choose NOT to get pregnant. if you choose to have sex WITHOUT contraception, you've made a choice as well. and whatever happens after that is YOUR responsibility. YES, you may choose to do whatever the hell you please with YOUR body...eat donuts for breakfast, dye your hair green, get your nipples pierced, shag till you can't stand up. but once you get pregnant, this ain't YOUR body we're talking about anymore. this is somebody else entirely and YOU can't choose to do away with somebody else just to make your life easier.

what the hell is is modern american society has against taking responsibility for your actions? god knows i'm not exactly the poster boy for responsible, but i WAS raised in the mindset - you make a mess, you clean it up. you made your bed, now lie in it,. one of the things separating human beings from lower animals is SUPPOSEDLY the ability to predict the results of their actions and either take precautions to make sure those results don't occur, or to control those damned animal impulses. but noooo....we've evolved into a society of children that shifts blame, acts on whim, and lives only for the moment. in one sense, kids today grow up way before their time, but in another sense, they never actually haveto grow up at all. society mollycoddles us. "you can't help yourself", it says. "so it isn't really YOUR fault. you just stand there with your finger up your nose and we'll fix it for you." well, i'm sorry, ladies and gents, but i just can't stand here quietly and be condescended to anymore. like me, you might want to be peter pan and stay a kid forever. and that's okay in SOME aspects of life, but it comes a time in others when you gotta GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

i COULD talk about the effect of abortion on society as a whole, how the family structure has disintegrated and murder stats risen in the usa since 1973. but i won't. cos you don't care. so i'll just leave you here with the basics and let you make your own decision. cos i know you can. cos i have faith in your wits. unlike society.